Invest in line with your values. It only takes $5,000 to enact real change in our world.


How do we know we’re investing in good? Far too often, we don’t. Whether we’re buying stocks, making a deposit at the bank, or saving for retirement, it’s hard to ensure that our money is matching our values. But with our Impact Offering that all changes. See why others invested, read our Offering Statement, and Invest in Good today!

Can your other investments do this?

  • Invest as little as $5,000 (or as much as $5 million)
  • Earn up to 5.5%
  • Help American families fix their finances
  • Enable 17,000 life-changing loans
  • Fight payday lenders and other predatory financial services
  • Create 60 jobs over five years

Heart of clients

Earn up to 5.5%. End Predatory Lending.

How It Works

(For a more detailed overview, see the Offering Statement Section VI: The Offering; Plan of Distribution)
An investment in Social Capital Fund is an investment in a more just and equitable future. Here’s how to invest:

  1. Fill out this brief form to obtain an investment overview and obtain the Offering Statement, or contact us to discuss your investment:
  2. We will then send you the Subscription Documents for you to sign
  3. Complete the documents and then fund your investment
  4. Receive interest-only payments annually until your loan matures
  5. Upon loan maturity, receive one final payment of interest plus the original principal investment amount
  6. Change lives!

Investment Yields
This table lists the maximum interest rates available for investments of given size and term. Any investor may elect to receive a lower interest rate. The minimum investment amount is $5,000 and investors can choose any amount above that level in increments of $1,000 up to $5 million.

Initial Investment 7 Years 5 Years
$5,000 - $24,999 4.00% 2.75%
$25,000 - $74,999 4.50% 3.25%
$75,000 - $124,999 5.00% 3.75%
$125,000 and above 5.50% 4.25%

Is your investment portfolio aligned with your values? It can be.


About us

Social Capital Fund is a nonprofit, tax-exempt, Type I supporting organization under Section 509(a)(3) of the IRS Tax Code because it is supervised and controlled by its supported organization, Capital Good Fund. It does so in two ways: first, Social Capital Fund provides loan servicing to Capital Good Fund—things like loan review and collections—that improve operational efficiency. And second, Social Capital Fund raises social investments from forward-thinking individuals, family foundations, endowments, and financial institutions.

Low-Income Families Served
$ Financed for American Families
Hours of Financial Coaching Provided
Years Fighting Poverty

Read why others are investing. Tens of millions of Americans lack access to equitable credit and sound financial advice, and a $200 billion industry has sprouted up to prey on the financially vulnerable. Learn more about our solution (read an overview and access our Offering Statement) by clicking here.

Questions? Want to learn more?

Proven results: Take a look at this amazing social impact study on our Financial + Health Coaching program. It's well worth a read; some of the outcomes are stunning!

Pitch Deck

Our Pitch Deck contains info about our business model, market validation, market size, and more. Use this in conjunction with the other documents to help you make your decision.


The following prospectus, or Offering Statement, explains the nature of this Impact Offering. Prospective investors should read the Offering Statement in its entirety before deciding whether to purchase notes.

Impact Investing is the new standard investing. You could change lives!

Social Capital Fund

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